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Quality technical content writing services for IT service management (ITSM) and business process outsourcing (BPO) organisations.

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Content requirements of an IT service provider are diverse in nature. When you wish to grab the attention of IT decision makers with your, say, cloud-native DevOps services, do you think you can get away without mentioning K8s, microservices, CI/CD pipelines, etc. Your everyday content writers will probably fallout in the technical abyss of these terms to never resurface. You need a technical content writer from Unspiring Media to present the information in a way it is neither too technical for non-developers to understand nor too shallow for someone in senior management to consider.



Every business seeks to promote its services in unique and creative ways and IT firms are no exception. Copywriting, while a fairly simple business, is a bit more challenging when selling IT products and services. To begin, IT players compete in the digital space; your regular copies are not very contexual in digital space. Also, nobody wants to read multi-para praises of your React development services. You must be clear and concise while selling IT services. To conclude, you need a copywriter who is subject expert and can get straight to the detail without losing the interest of the reader. Eventually, you need a technical writer.

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A typical technical content in IT domain may span how-to guides, technical blogs, Whitepapers, instruction manuals, case studies, software documentations,--to name a few. While they are all easy to bifurcate as technical content, they all are quite different in terms of content, style, pitch and target audience. While a technical blog might target the CTO of an organisation, software documentations are more of a resource to your developers. In simple words, technical writing is a broad term that encompasses many content types and an unexperienced technical writer may fail to deliver the results. No worries! We got your back.

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