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Are you still making your developers write?

With IT infrastructures powering a bulk of business workloads in today's organisations, the distinction between IT and non-IT firms is blurring fast. Gone are the days when there used to be technology and non-technology companies, nowadays every firm is more or less an IT-based firm.

At a time when intelligent pieces of software are powering end-to-end business processes, the demand for IT providers is at an all time high. And they are no more limited to multi-billion dollars technology firms. There are all sorts of small, medium and large IT organisations fighting for attention in this competitive landscape. They don't fight on billboards, broadcast televisions, and newspapers but the digital landscape.

Of the many IT organisations I have talked to as a technical content writer, their online presence starts and stops with a mediocre business website. They will sulk night and day that their website doesn't get ranked by Google. Nonetheless, the actual horror starts when they start ranking on Google somehow and yet don't get any leads.

No amount of advertisement can sell a shitty product. Likewise, no amount of SEO can sell low-quality content. Mighty Yoda once said, "content is the king". Did you not listen to him? He is the fucking Jedi master.

If you dive a little you will understand where things went downhill. To give you a hint, you hired the best content writer. For god's sake, he was selling apparel and baby products before you took him. He doesn't have the slightest of hint how the IT industry works, that software development is drastically different from product development, and, above all, IT trends shift at a pace too fast for a generic content writer to follow. Trust me! I have seen worst. Developers doubling as copywriters and project managers as editors.

Regardless, you need a technical content writer who understands IT industry as a veteran. Someone who has extensively covered software products from ideas to release and after. Did you know your case studies carries more weightage than your product pages listing some generic features. Even if the USP of your product is not so much of USP at the end of the day, a couple of blogs might make it so.

Your subordinates might make you feel that you have the greatest software product in your hand. in reality, it is more likely to fail than be successful if not pressed by an ingenious content marketing strategy around the highest quality of content and marketing collaterals. Period.

If you've been on the path before and want to make things work this time, we need to talk.

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